The Battle for Iwo Jima scenario held at Memphis Paintball Park in Lakeland, Tennessee was a BLAST! This was my first trip to this park & I HIGHLY recommend it! Brian & I ground-pounded for the Japanese forces. The Japanese forces ruled the day early, but  ran out of paint & air around 12:45 allowing the Marine forces to virtually take over the entire field. We spent the rest of the day fighting out of the dz trying to retake parts of the field. I had a BLAST all day. Team Das Buzzard ran several successful missions for General Adam Moran throughout the day, Team Das Buzzard was honored to receive the Most Valuable Team Award & I also received the "Old Fart" award  for being the oldest player on the Japanese team. Brian & I remained on the field the whole day,except when wehad to grab more paint & air.I also supplied comms for the Japanese forces. This will become an annual event each year. I HIGHLY recommend you attend it in September, 2018!