My son Brian; his fiance Brittany Andrews; Ed Poe & I left for Pandemonium as soon as the last bell rang at school on Friday, April 6th. After a 5 1/2 hour drive we arrived at the Dday Adventure Park in Wyandotte, Oklahoma - home to the world's largest paintball event: Oklahoma D-day! It was Ed's first trip to the park. We set up Brian & Ed's tents as it started sleeting & the wind began to pick up. By the time their tents were up - the wind was going at a steady 20 mph with gusts up to 30 and the snow was falling steady. I ditched sleeping in a hammock & aired up a queen-sized mattress & put it in the covered bed of my truck; then stuffed both my sleeping bags one inside the other. I crawled into my comfortable bed for the night.
We woke up on Saturday morning to a couple inches of snow and a solid 24 degree temperature with a little wind. Thankfully we all brought enough clothes to make it a comfortable day's play. Brian & Brittany were gunners in Matt & Heidi Slinkard's Trogdor tank; Ed & I were ground-pounding for the Sorcerer's League. I brought my Panzerfaust to take on Trogdor - unfortunately, as I went to chrono my Panzerfaust, the ball detent had frozen during the night & snapped off ...; oh well ... my trusty Axe was ready to go!!
The game start time was moved forward an hour due to the cold temperature. so at 10 am game on in the snow at the airfield!! We had a blast & shot a lot of paint; Ed found several props that helped our side out; Ed & I had a spell cast on us & we had to get up & act like a chicken for a certain for amount of time. We played until noon then had a delicious meal from Charlie's Chicken ... it was awesome!!!
We started the second half of the day's play at 3 at the Coleville part of the field; we had an epic firefight and I even helped clear out the second floor of the church! We were worn out as play came to an end around 6. Ed said the afternoon game was the most fun he ever had playing paintball! Wade Cole Yancy, John Nakata, Kendrick Helms & Matt "Bunker" Slink did an outstanding job on the game. Unfortunately, we were unable to stay for Sunday's games as I had a playing gig to get back to. You folks need to give Pandemonium a try next year ' it was AWESOME!!!